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About Herrand Associates

Herrand Associates is committed to providing quality and dependable investment management to investors, founded on a Philosophy of Investment and Investment Approach aimed at producing an unparalleled experience for clients.

Wealth Management

We also provide Comprehensive Portfolio Management, Wealth Planning and Investment Advisory service to clients encountering financial obstacles in the present economic environment.

Asset Management

Herrand Associates offers exposure to a mix of internationally-assorted investment ventures, designed to provide an asset distribution method consisting of Fixed Income, Equities and Alternative Investments.

Herrand Associates provides discriminating investors to make well-researched decisions in their task of choosing and implementing independent procedures.

Establishing Goals And Providing Advice

Herrand Associates' investments professionals dedicate themselves to providing clients investment opportunities which satisfy client-specific needs and goals. The company’s Investment Advisory group operates by utilizing its broad comprehension of market dynamics, establishing strong business, sustaining open communications and sound advice as well as delivering tailor-fitted solutions.


More on Wealth Management

Portfolio Management

Clients receive from Herrand Associates excellent global strategies to two kinds of Portfolio Management requirements: Advisory and Discretionary.

Wealth Planning

Herrand Associates also delivers portfolio management and investment solutions integrated with wealth succession strategies, taxation and retirement planning.

Investment Advisory

We offer investors well-educated answers to guide them undertake the selection and implementation process at their own decision.