Asset Management


Asset Management

Extensive wealth solutions

Herrand Associates provides discretionary asset management assistance to clients who choose to entrust the asset management task to investment professionals.

Discretionary asset management

Utilizing a prepared Client Investment Profile, an investment approach is devised with an asset allocation consistent with risk-tolerance levels of clients under management.

Equity Management

Equity Management

Herrand Assocites delivers Equity Management solutions designed to enable clients to produce wealth for their future and their future generations. Read More

Herrand Associates' Company Brochure

Company Brochure

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Asset management solutions in summary

  • Client-customized financial management
  • Day-to-day, meticulous monitoring of asset dynamics
  • Asset allocation balancing to adapt with market movements
  • Continuous accessibility to an assigned account manager
  • Overview of potential investment options consistent with risk capacity
  • Managing asset with maximum utilization of resources
  • Research & Analysis
  • Asset Allocation Method
  • Management
  • Multi-asset-based strategy
  • Macro/micro perspective
  • Implementation
  • Portfolio management
  • Risk-sensitive, value-based evaluation
  • Specialized assets evaluation
  • Asset valuation research
  • Global economic & sector assessment
  • Asset class performance
  • Endurance-testing in terms of volatile market conditions
  • Effective acquisition of portfolio assets
  • Conviction and transparency of asset acquisition fees
  • Continuous analysis
  • Re-align portfolio balance to maintain direction
  • Coordinate assets performance with clients