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Client Experience

Client Experience

Evaluating client investment issues

In order to provide customized service for every individual client, Herrand Associates advisors collaborate tightly with the client to obtain a thorough comprehension of his or her current financial condition and to pinpoint a continuing chain of investment objectives.

Client-focused investment profile

With the information, Herrand Associates develops a Client Investment Profile which will be utilized as a road map for every investment need identified to help achieve or address special choices, capabilities and risk tolerance levels.

Strategy Development

Working closely with the client, Herrand Associates’ adviser will develop several investment recommendations along with meticulous justifications of all prospective returns and evaluation of related risks for each alternative. This procedure allows the client to obtain a well-define perspective of the way each approach will realize their financial aspirations and a sound basis for deciding course of action.

Strategy Implementation

This procedure involves employing the client's chosen strategy through allocating assets in an investment portfolio. Herrand Associates accomplishes this by integrating the allocation as a unified investment package, enabling the client to minimize trading or acquisition costs and maximizing future client gains

Continuing Management

Managing client portfolios is a vital part of sustaining the viable implementation of every strategy. With market fluctuations and adjustments of client requirements in time, the weight of assets will tend to move away from the targeted results. Ascertaining the maintenance of preset course of action provides constant protection to client interests, which is done through close monitoring by a dedicated account adviser and occasional adjustments along the way.

About Us - Overview

From its humble beginnings, Herrand Associates has grown to become a top provider of financial services, focusing on collaborating closely with clients to help them achieve their goals and meet their current financial needs. Read More

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